Rapid Pull-out Table, maple 505.58.103

Rapid Pull-out Table, maple

Sku: 505.58.103

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Product Details:

Features and uses include:

  • Self-supporting table
  • A drawer front panel can be screw-mounted directly onto the table front panel
  • The system can be subsequently installed in place of a drawer or between two cabinets
  • Fitting is not visible when installed


  • Material: Wood.  Table Top: Melamine, Plastic Coated.  Telescopic Guides: Beech
  • Load Capacity: 220lbs (100kg) evenly distributed
  • Color: Maple
  • Packing: 1 pc (includes housing, guides and front panel)


Weight ( lbs ) 26.5926
Next Date Available: Available/Currently In Stock
Length ( CM ) 63.5
Width 19.68505 50