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Choosing Cabinet Hardware--Oh no, not another decision!

Ian guides us through the voluminous world of decorative hardare.  How to choose it and how to use it.

Choosing Cabinet Hardware--Oh no, not another decision!

Date: 11/8/2013 11:39 AM

Location: Denver

Choose Cabinet Hardware – Oh no, Not another Decision!

decorative hardware board

After going through a kitchen remodel or a new house build, you are exhausted because you’ve made hundreds if not thousands of decisions about something that you were probably not that well versed on to begin with!  Now, after you think you’ve chosen the last paint color with the designer and are focused on moving in, you are faced with hardware decisions and the options are daunting – literally thousands of choices in style, size and finish – here are some simple guidelines that we give our clients.


Let’s Boil It Down – Choose a Finish

Rule #1 - By now, you’ve chosen a sink and faucet – what finish are they?  Match that finish – this works every time, however you will find reasons to break rule #1 – see rule #2

Rule #2 – If you don’t want to abide by rule #1, then you have a more complicated situation – perhaps you have several different finishes and counter types – like a wooden kitchen island top or a copper prep sink and a stainless or porcelain kitchen sink and you want a blend – hire a designer or see rule #1

Also choose a website that allows you to boil down your choices by options such as finish, cost, style, center to center measurements, material type, and collections like our decorative hardware selection at Hartert-Russell-Home.com.


Knobs or Pulls or Both?

You are in the deep end of the pool and have no lifeguard and forgot how to swim at this point – everyone will give you a different opinion and they are all probably correct – this is your choice – most common choices are

  1. Keep it simple – choose a knob for everything doors and drawers – this is fine to do and your choice – this keeps it simple and easy for everyone – want to mix it up
  2. Choose a knob on the door and a pull on the drawers – many handle companies offer the same finish in a variety of styles and have done you a favor by pairing them up in “collections” – choose an oil rubbed bronze knob with an oil rubbed bronze pull – keep it simple
  3. Choose Pulls for everything – doors and drawers – this is also fine to do and keeps it simple


Now you have chosen a finish and a knob or pull or both – now where the heck do they go? 

Rule #1 Drawers – they will always go in the middle of the drawer or in the middle of the top rail of the drawer if there is enough room

Exception to Rule #1 – if you get fancy and decide on a larger drawer that you need two pulls or two knobs – then it is a certain distance from center and let your eye be the judge of what looks correct – usual ways of doing this is to divide the drawer in thirds or quarters and figure a placement based on these divisions.

Rule #2 Placement of knobs can get a little more complicated – here are your most common choices

First some defining of terms – the Stile is the vertical member of a door and the Rail is the horizontal member of a door 

The most common choice is to place the knob at the intersection of the shoulder of the rail meets the center of the flat part of the stile.

Center Shoulder Knob Placement

The second most common is to place the knob in the center of the flat part of the rail intersects the where the center of the stile

 Center Corner Knob Placement

Finally, you have the choice to place the knob anywhere along the stile – usually you will refer to it as one inch above the rail or 2 inches etc

 Anywhere Knob Placement




Now you are an Expert – Good Luck and I hope this Helps!

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