Touch Dimmer, plastic, black, 120V , 200watt 820.99.312

Touch Dimmer, plastic, black, 120V , 200watt

Sku: 820.99.312

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Product Details:

Touch Switch

-To be used only with Power Supply Transformer with two-pronged electrical plug. Minimum of 20 watt light recommended

-Accepts up to three 60 watt transformers
-No electrician required for installation
-Four position touch light -25%, 50%, 100% light, and off
-Connect touch wire to metal hinge, knob, etc. to operate or use optional touch pad
-Touch pad is used to replace touchwire on 820.99.312 touch dimmer
-Touch pad can be placed in any convenient location (under cabinet, set on counter, on shelf), do not attach to metal surface
-120 volt 13' cord with 4' touch wire

Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Packing: 1 pc.


Weight ( lbs ) 0.5507
Next Date Available: 8/23/2019
Length ( CM ) 27
Width 5.905515 15