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When you buy Häfele products from Hartert-Russell Home, not only can you be sure that you are getting the quality and aesthetics you would expect from Häfele America, but you can also rest assured that you are getting the lowest possible price available today. Not only will your project be more appealing with Häfele, but your wallet will thank you too.



Hartert-Russell Home is a full service business offering consulting and a large selection of Häfele retail products in order to help you build the perfect high-end project of your dreams. Whether you are a homeowner just searching for those perfect finishes and fixtures for your new kitchen or bathroom or you are a high-volume commercial retailer looking for the best deals on the highest quality products around, Hartert-Russell Home can help every step of the way.

Why Order from Hartert-Russell?

What sets Hartert-Russell apart, other than over 15 years of experience in the field, is that they are the largest authorized Häfele hardware product retailer available, offering the complete Häfele Catalog to all commercial account customers. Häfele offers the most high quality and best looking fixtures on the market, including Häfele cabinet hardware, drawer pulls, and other closet and furniture hardware. They are also known for their unique selection of architectural Häfele hardware, which, along with the guidance of Hartert-Russell Homes’ licensed consultants, will transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary.


No matter what project you are attempting to tackle, from an austere wooden staircase to a room full of built-in bookshelves and cabinets, Hartert-Russell Home is there to help. They can assist in planning every step of the project, from the overall design right down to the specialized Häfele hardware picked to match the space perfectly. Whether you are a homeowner or a larger commercial retailer, it is easy to take advantage of the great services and quality Hartert-Russell Home and Häfele America have to offer.